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750Wpic-cutout 750 WATT WIND TURBINE 750Wpic-cutout
Built from the ground up to be high performance wind generators

Included in the Wind Turbine Kit (red numbers correspond to image below):

  • 1 Generator/Yaw Mount
  • 2 Windtura 750 PMA (comes pre-attached to the generator/yaw mount)
  • 3 3 phase slip ring + strain relief (comes pre-attached to generator/yaw mount)
  • 4 Yaw bushing
  • 5 Tail boom
  • 6 Tail mounting bracket
  • 7 Directional Tail
  • 8 Three 35 inch WindGrabber Blades
  • 9 Stainless steel 3-blade hub
  • 10 All the necessary bolts, nuts and washers to make the necessary connections for assembly


Self-Furling for Overspeed protection in high winds!
How it works: The Windtura 750 uses a high wind protection method called furling. The tail assembly of the Windtura 750 is attached to the yaw mount on a pivot bar angled at 20 degrees. The pivot bar allows the generator and yaw mount to rotate away from the wind. At a wind speed of approximately 30 mph, the rotational inertia of the blades begins to turn the blades and generator “out of the wind”. As the wind speed increases, the Windtura 750 will continue to turn “out of the wind” to almost 90 degrees. By turning “out of the wind”, the blades no longer capture all of the wind’s kinetic energy and, therefore, the Windtura 750 is capable of protecting itself in high winds. Because the tail assembly is mounted on a 20 degree pivot bar and is free to rotate, the tail assembly does not move and stays “in the wind”. When the wind speed lowers to 28-30 mph, the Windtura 750 unfurls and the blades and generator face the wind again.

WindTura 750W, 12V or 24V, 3-Blade Wind Turbine Kit
(also includes 80A 3-Phase Rectifier + 5 Quick Connects)
$999 + Shipping to your zip code

(please email your choice of 12V or 24V)

To prevent your battery bank from being overcharged, you must
use a divert controller and divert load(s). Please see our “Solar and
Wind Charge Controllers” page to choose the right one for your system
(we can help you make the right choice)

Some pole mount designs from our customers
tower-base-tilt-down1 copy tower-base-tilt-down2 copy tower-base-tilt-down3 copy

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