Always a Happy Place!

...While you're here, don't forget to set your clocks to Widget Standard Time...

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WidgetSmile2 Widget is an 12 year old Bichon. She's a real character in her own right,
so she obviously needed her very own web page to be able to express herself.
She talks to us all the time, so we just have to listen.
AND, since we are really easy to train, she asked if we would please
write a few things down, to set the record straight, of course...

Our Favorite O Widgenal Widgeisms

Widgeical - Everything in Widget's world is magical
sters - people who actually live in Widget's World
anator - a BIG personality, but not terminal
ification - all things Widget
Widgeerated - Your heart and mind has been Widgeified
Widget's Words of Widgedom - when she speaks, everyone listens


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Widget's World is very artistic. She loves to pass the time by doodlin’ on her iPad, that way she can bring it wherever she goes.
Some of the doodles she’s working on:


In Widget's World, naps are king. Widge loves naps, especially after a long doodlin’ session...
Craig-Widget1 NappingWidge

Second only to naps is, of course, play time. So that means running around playing hard to get with best bud Sparky!
Rest in peace, Sparky, you were such a good buddy to Widge...

2playpigs1 Playtime

Adventures are really important in Widget's World. And if there's snow to run around in, that's the best!

When people aren't around, Widge makes her own snow buddies!

SnowWidge2 SnowWidge1 SnowWidge3

In Widget's World, people need supervision all the time or else, you know, things don't happen the way they should.
Widge is
always watching, just in case...

"That fan belt needs tightening!"

"This solar tracker is taking waaaay too long to build, let me do the welding!"
WorkingWidge2 WidgeDoggles

"Break's over!"

"Oh, I dream of the day when puppies really rule!"

Hope you enjoyed this very special place...

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