Just Add Wind - each unique wind sculpture
moves easily in the slightest breeze

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Pasted Graphic“Follow me to our newest wind toys... and keep checking back for more!!


We’ve taken our most popular wind sculpture and super-sized it!
All 4- 16” bicycle wheels move in opposite directions to one another,
and just like the original 4-Wheel Drive, it is a wind vane, so the pointer
and tails keep it pointed into the wind.
This Hyper Drive has dual tails for superior wind tracking,
thereby showing you the wind direction efficiently.
It’s BIG, bright and beautiful!!

IMG_3564 IMG_3563
IMG_3572 IMG_3576

Video of her flying coming soon!


An absolutely breathtaking wind vane metal (stainless steel) sculpture!!
Two “wheels”, rotating in opposite directions in the wind,
with 6 salmon shapes at the hubs and 6 different salmon shapes
on metal rods. The outside salmon appear to “jump” as they turn!!
AND, a salmon head and tail keep this wind vane pointing into the wind... WOW!!
How cool is that!!

IMG_0049 IMG_0051 IMG_0057

Watch this mesmerizing video of Jumpin’ Salmon!


Three large outer rims move horizontally in the wind,
and seen from below they look like heart shapes!!
Inside the rims, three wheels move in opposite directions to each other,
creating a mesmerizing wind toy!!

IMG_3366 QofH1

Watch the cool video below to see the really interesting shapes
and movement for this very dynamical wind toy!!


These 2 - 10” wheels turn in opposite directions,
and the whole wind toy rotates horizontally with the wind,
just like our popular Venusian.
The 2 wheels make the most interesting optical illusion
with one another as they turn.
Very cool!

IMG_3112 IMG_3113

Take a look at this bright and beautiful, unique wind toy video!

“3rd GEAR”
The world’s first gear-driven kinetic wind sculpture

The movement of the wind turns the main horizontal disk, which causes the 3
planetary gears under the disk to turn the 3 spirals on the top of the disk.
The whole effect is impressive choreography!

IMG_2980 IMG_2967 IMG_2977

Take a look at the video below for our very, very unique 3rd Gear.


4-Wheel Drive has arrived, and it’s a wind vane also!
4 spiral wheels, all with wind driver cups, rotate in the opposite direction to each other,
while the whole wind sculpture turns with the direction of the wind.
The coolest thing is that when all of the wheels are directly lined up to your vision,
the spiral patterns make elegant flower shapes!
(Note: this wind toy has been our most popular!!! It’s fabulous to watch!)


Check out the video of this unique, mesmerizing wind toy!

Our first wind sculpture combo!
A Mini Rainbow combined with our Round ’n Round! Wow!!

Watch the video of this unique wind toy!

Round n Round / Rainbow Wind Toy Combo ! from Savanna on Vimeo.

This 5-wheel Rainbow sparkler moves so easily in the breeze!
It’s so colorful - you have to smile when you see it!


This is the first ever Analog Rainfall Gauge... really!
It displays the level of rainfall by weight... Can be read at a glance from across your yard
or cool is that?
See the video of this Rainfall Gauge in action below



Our new Flutterby is here!
The 2 spirals rotate together and are lined with butterflies flying in the breeze...
We lined the spirals with solar LED fairy lights so they light up in our magical night time garden!!

Pasted Graphic FlutterbyLEDs
2 new videos of Flutterby - day and night!

Flutterby night flight!

We call this our Organic Venusian, with 6” petal-shaped wheels, leaf-shaped wind driver cups, and a goldfinch on top!
You can choose your own color for this elegant little wind toy, and even choose a different shape at the top if you like...

Beautiful new video of our Organic Venusian!

Snowflake is here, back by popular demand!
Each of the 6- 4” wheels turn independently in the wind and in the center,
the wind-driven cups almost touch, but not quite!
very dynamic and hard not to watch!
And the whole wind toy is a wind vane rotating in the wind and showing the wind direction...

Pasted Graphic

Cool new video of our Snowflake!

We’re building the coolest wind vanes you’ll ever see!
Each one turns into/in the wind and when it does, the spiral(s) turns at the speed of
the wind... and they sparkle so magically in the sun!

Pasted Graphic 1TurqVane
Spiral Wind Vane Video!

Our new Round ’n Round! Three 4” vertical wheels turn independently in the wind,
while all the wheels go round ’n round (horizontally) in the wind!
It has super breezy action and is so fun to watch!
We can customize the shape at the top for you (cardinal bird in the photo), also...

Pasted Graphic
New video of our Round ’n Round!

A 5-wheel Rainbow! Wow... it’s soooo handsome with rain drops or in the melting snow...
IMG_0097 IMG_0101

Gallery of Beautiful snow-covered Wind Toys!
Flutterby Gemini
RedVenusian Spiral
SpiralDiamond SpiralWindVaneWhirledPeace

Sara1 Pasted Graphic 1 Venusian2
MicroVenusianBlue8" MicroVenusian8 MiniRainbow
SaturnianClose GeminiSmall Helix1 Blue Spiral
We design and build these wind toys (as we call them),
and they are all one-of-a-kind!
Some folks call them whirligigs, kinetic sculptures,
or windmills. But whatever you call them,
you won't see these anywhere else. Made from (mostly)
recycled material sourced locally, these very cool wind sculptures
bring smiles and joy to all who watch them play in the wind!
We call our wind farm the "Field of Dreams" !

Click on this link to see the video of our beautiful new “Rainbow Warrior”! It is simply gorgeous!

Pasted Graphic 1

Video of our popular design, a small version of the “Gemini”

Video of our larger (very impressive!) version of the “Gemini”

❋ ❋ ❋ ❋

IMG_0945 IMG_0950IMG_9318_2
Our garden visitors...

Craig working in his shop
designing and fabricating

Craig-shop1 CWorking2
Welding1 Welding
CWorking4 CWorking3
VLA Working1

We use aluminum flashing and/or soda cans to make the cups that catch the wind,
and recycled bicycle wheels

All parts are custom fabricated, which means everything is designed, sourced,
welded and tested by the factory (that's us!)

RainbowSwirl RainbowSwirl


IMG_9343_2 IMG_8700
Our most popular! The “Venusian”

Pasted Graphic Pasted Graphic 1
Rainbow Warrior - absolutely stunning!

Two more NEW and outstanding designs!!

IMG_9268 Screen shot 2016-08-28 at 4.06.29 PM
MiniRainbowNight MiniRainbowCraig
The Mini
4”, 5”, and 6” wheels

MicroVenusian8 MicroVenusian2Blue
The MicroVenusian
a smaller, elegant version of our larger Venusian design

RainbowSwirl RainbowSwirl

BlackSpiral BlackSpiralClose Blue Spiral
Really cool Spirals (these are coated with glitter!)
Choose your color...


Gemini2 Gemini-closeGemini4
GeminiSmall CraigGemini Gemini1

❋ ❋ ❋ ❋

We installed a “Venusian” and a “Saturnian”
on top of 2 greenhouses at our local
Chimacum Corner Market.

“Venusian” and “Saturnian” flying high!!

ChimacumClose ChimacumWindToys1 SaturnianClose

An 8.5 foot tall spiral downspout
between the greenhouses that will spin with the rainwater AND wind... coming soon
This spiral actually took lots of work (they all do, but some more than others),
and here are a few photos of the build in progress
RainwaterSpiral1 RainwaterSpiral4 RainwaterSpiral5
RainwaterSpiral2 RainwaterSpiral3

A “Venusian” installed at our local food co-op...
They love it because it brings their garden to life!


❋ ❋ ❋ ❋

Want one of these super cool wind toys?
Below is a selection of just a few, with prices.
If you see one in the photos/videos that you like, email or call us.
Our on-hand inventory changes, and every sculpture is custom built.
Custom colors available!

We call this impressive wind sculpture the “Rainbow Warrior”!
Take a look at our new “Rainbow Warrior” video at the top of the page,
and our new
Mini Rainbow photos above.
Every wheel moves independently in the wind.
Custom colors available!

5 wheel version @ $399 + shipping/handling:

Pasted Graphic 2 RW2 RW3

5 wheel mini-Rainbow @ $299 + shipping/handling:
4”, 5” and 6” wheels
Screen shot 2016-08-28 at 4.06.29 PM

❋ ❋ ❋ ❋

We call this the Venusian... why that name you ask?
Because these are Cosmic, man!
It’s our most popular wind sculpture...
This sculpture's 2 vertical axis wheels move in opposite directions,
and the entire sculpture moves in a circular motion at the same time.
Gyroscopic forces keep it from spinning too fast (cool, huh!).
Custom colors available.

The original “Venusian” @ $349
+ shipping/handling
Our new Micro Venusian @ $299 “ “

toy4 MicroVenusian8

❋ ❋ ❋ ❋

The magical and mesmerizing Flutterby!!
With on-board LED fairy lights on each spiral, it’s
really unique, and at night...fabulous!
Shown with turquoise butterflies, but you can choose your color.

$399 + shipping/handling

Pasted Graphic

❋ ❋ ❋ ❋

Our new Wind Vanes-
They are truly mesmerizing to watch rotating in the wind!
ustom colors available.

$299 + shipping/handling for the round vanes
$349 + shipping/handling for the square (diamond) frame vane

Pasted Graphic 1 TurqVane WindVane1

❋ ❋ ❋ ❋

Our new Round ’n Round
What fun to watch!
ustom colors and shapes on top available.

$349 + shipping/handling


❋ ❋ ❋ ❋

Our new Snowflake is back!
It’s super dynamic to watch...

Custom colors available.

$399 + shipping/handling

Pasted Graphic

❋ ❋ ❋ ❋

These spiral wind toys are simple yet elegant, and they really sparkle in the sun!
To see the effect, see our “Gemini” near the top of this page. Two spirals in a square frame.
ustom colors available.

$349 + shipping/handling

Gemini1 Gemini2 GeminiSmall

❋ ❋ ❋ ❋

“Circles of Light”
The inner wheel rotates in the opposite direction
of the outer wheel in the wind

Circlesoflight2 CircleofLightclose
We’ve added a clear glitter spray to our “Circles of Light” --
Wow! It’s very impressive in the sun!!

All the wheels tumble and rotate. It’s really impressive!

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