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In choosing your hydro, the two main factors to consider are the power required and the transmission distance. Most households running on alternative energy use Low Voltage hydro units, which produce 500 watts or less. 500 watts per hour at 24 hours per day results in a total production of 12KW a day and that’s sufficient for most small, rural households. Our units can produce up to 1500W per hour!

If you have a long transmission line (500 feet to 5000 feet), and/or require more power, you can use our High Voltage hydros.

Getting Started

To calculate the amount of power available at your site, we need the following information:

  • Head - your vertical distance from the water intake to the turbine (this determines “head”). You can measure the head with an altimeter, topo maps or Google Earth. With someone’s help you can also sight along a level, going up 5’ at a time
  • Flow - the volume of water available, measured in gallons per minute (gpm). With the use of short piece of pipe in a temporary dam, you can time how long it takes to fill a 5 gal. bucket, for example

The amount of power you can generate
is the result of the amount of head and flow at your site

Other factors to consider are the size and length of the pipe from the water intake to the turbine, and the distance from the turbine to the power shed.
We can help you with all of this!

Products/ Price List
800W/ 400W Micro Hydro Electric Turbine with 2 Nozzles......$1,500
800W/ 400W Micro Hydro Electric Turbine with 4 Nozzles......$1,600
❖ ❖ ❖ ❖
1500W/ 750W Micro Hydro Electric Turbine with 2 Nozzles......$2,000
1500W/ 750W Micro Hydro Electric Turbine with 4 Nozzles......$2,100

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These high quality, low voltage (12V/24V/48V/120VDC) brushless turbines have been manufactured for over 20 years, and they are perfect for battery-based alternative energy systems!
Ask about our High Voltage Micro Hydro Turbines

Please call us with your questions and to talk about your hydro site. We will help you sort it all out and get you up and running! You’ll be absolutely amazed at the total power even a small system can generate, because hydro power never sleeps!

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Ideas? Questions? Need How-to’s ?
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