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Check out our Kinetic Wind Sculptures!
They’re so cool, and
so unique!! I could watch them turn all day...
I help my folks build them right here!

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We design and manufacture all of our unique kinetic wind sculptures
They are so fascinating to watch, and they move so easily in any breeze!

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Venusian♦♦♦♦♦♦Rainbow WarriorVenusian

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MiniRainbow MicroVenusian8
MiniRainbow with 4”, 5”, 6” wheels ♦♦♦♦MicroVenusian with 8” wheels

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750Wpic ghouse-panels-turbine

solarpanel1 copy solarpanel3 copy

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solarwaterpumpingsystems cowswithtankandsolarpanels

“I got my Wind Turbines and Solar Equipment
from the great folks at Wildnature Solutions
(they were terrific) !

Jeff M., Pennsylvania

1050 Hurricane-Sandy-Power-Lines-Down-In-Seaside-Heights
One of our customers in Philly, Jeff M., who has 2 of our Wind Turbines and a Solar Panel array on his roof... sent us this story and photos of surviving Hurricane Sandy with full electrical power 100% of the time during and after the storm

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