iGust WInd Turbines / Solar Panels

Survive Hurricane Sandy - 95 MPH !


Greetings All,

One of our Customers  in Philly,  Jeff Mermelstein,

who has two of our  iGust WInd Turbines and a Solar Panel

Array on his roof...sent us this story and these Photos of

of surviving Hurricane Sandy with full electrical power 100% of the time.

“The winds were absolutly blasting !  The whole house was shaking...

the power was out ( has been out for many days now )  in the entire

neighborhood and beyond, and it was totally  black outside.

You couldn’t see anything or anyone.

The  power at my house  was on and everything was running normally !!

The Summer before, I had Installed two iGust Wind Turbines

and an Array of Solar Panels to sell power back to the power company

AND for power outage situations exactly like this one.

My neighbors were really scared and ill prepared for this big storm.

So I invited some of them over to get warm, make them some tea and

come in out of the darkness.

They were amazed that I still had power and everything was running.

and I had to tell the story over and over of my power system, the wind turbines, the solar panels and was happy to show them

how it all worked. They were just amazed.

My Massage Business was open for business because we had power.

Here’s some photos from the day after the storm.

AND I can recharge my Electric Prius as well !   No gas needed !

See the  photos below !!

I got my Wind Turbines and Solar equipment from the great folks

at  WILDNATURE SOLUTIONS ( they were terrific !! ) .“

If you have any questions at all please contact Jeff Mermelstein at:

Jeffrey Mermelstein Services ©

215-663-9376 or 215-663-8876

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